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My Must Have Summer Shoe

My Must Have Summer Shoe

Today, I will be keepin' it short and sweet, before I head off for a long weekend in New Orleans! If there is one thing I can convince myself that I always need, it's shoes! I probably have over one hundred pairs of shoes and I certainly do not need any more.... but when I saw these babies, I simply could not help myself!

I am obsessed with them and catch myself wearing these wedges at least 3 times a week, and that doesn’t include the weekend. They truly match anything and everything and the best part is that I can wear them all day without feeling like my feet are going to fall off. Espadrille wedges come in all sorts of colors with a variety of straps around the ankle. No 2 pairs are truly the same. You can find these espadrille wedges pretty much anywhere, but if you click on any of THESE pictures the link will take you straight to my faves.

The clear strap are my absolute favorite at the moment. These may just have to be my next purchase, as they will actually match any color or print in my closet. My only fear, given that the strap is made of plastic, is that they may hurt if I wear the shoes all day. I will certainly keep y’all updated once I get them and give them a good trial 😊

Also, if you’re not a wedge/heel type of gal, dontcha worry! Espadrilles come in flats and sneakers too and I obsess over these just as much!


Much Love, xx

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