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Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Sometimes there is simply nothing more stressful than being rushed! For me, it is at 6:15 in the morning when my hair is sopping wet, I still need to throw on some make up, give my puppy some love, make a LARGE cup of coffee and somehow get to work on time…


Well, my hair typically ended up in some sort of pony tail or bun and I simply felt sloppy and not myself.


I recently found myself aimlessly walking around Target (nothing new) and stumbled upon some amazing new hair accessories – seriously amazing and just so simple and easy. Key words – s i m p l e & e a s y

I now wake up and do my exact same routine and that sopping wet hair… well now, it’s in the same style but with a fashionable gold barrette, or maybe its half up & half down, with the same barrette, and if I am feelin’ real fancy… same pony tail but with a fashionable hair scarf! It’s such a simple tweak that adds so much and gives the look of putting in the extra effort.

Click on the below images to check out some of my favorites hair accessories -

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