Welcome to my blog! I will be talking about my favorite fashion trends and my best beauty tips. xx

Welcome to The Blonde Effect

Welcome to The Blonde Effect

Let me introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle Headrick, I am 23 years old and I live in the beautiful city of Chicago. I graduated from The University of Tennessee and am currently adulting and working full time. Though I went to Tennessee, I am not Southern... I just LOVE saying “y’all.”

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Fashion has been my thing ever since I can remember, and I can thank my super stylish mom for that! But if there is one thing I love more than dressing up, that would be my sweet.. not so little.. puppy, Jozie. Well, maybe I should mention she's actually 5, but she will forever be known as my puppy :) 


Let me tell you, I am so excited to finally be here! Starting a blog is something I have always dreamed of, and I absolutely cannot wait to share some of my favorite fashion and beauty tips with y’all! 

Much Love, xx

The Blonde Effect