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My Top Shein Picks

We all see this not so new brand out there, Shein. Why are their prices so inexpensive? Is it true to size? How is the quality of their clothes, shoes, accessories, etc? 

Good questions! I can answer all but why it is so inexpensive, but that is something I am not going to complain about! As for the other questions. It is pretty true to size. I am a true SMEDIUM ( the size between a small and medium ), it is so frustrating sometimes and can make ordering online SUPER difficult but based off the many comments on each clothing item, I can figure it out pretty darn good!

The quality is GOOD but I'm not going to lie, it's not the absolute best, but if your like me and ballin' on a budget, I feel that you will be happy with the quality just as I am. A lot of the items I do end up buying are graphic tees and dresses and I have no complaints! I wear the dresses to work all the time, which I think shows the quality is good and you won't find yourself walking down the streets with a see-through dress! 

Lastly, what I think is so great about Shein - they stay up to date on all the latest trends! I very much love Shein, as they have SO much to offer. I always find my cart filled with dozens and dozens of items then right before check out I end up taking a handful out, as it is typically just way too much unfortunately.

Below are a few of my favorite items you can find at Shein. Clicking on any of the items will take you straight to the link!