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Nashville Girls Trip

Nashville Girls Trip

The best weekends are girls weekends, am I right?!

This post is a bit overdue but better late than never! My best girlfriends from UT Knoxville and I met up in Nashville to celebrate Cinco de Mayo to have a well over due, well needed, much fun girls trip! This trip was planned about a month ahead of time which gave us all plenty of time to prep ourselves for what we knew would be a crazy fun weekend and to get a new wardrobe for the hundreds of pictures we are always taking. Also, we are a group of five so getting us all out for a weekend can be such the struggle as we all have crazy schedules, and me being from Chicago is definitely no help.

The history of our friendship :

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Way back to freshman year of college, we all decided to go through Sorority Rush week. <-- highly HIGHLY recommend to any seniors in high school to strongly think about joining a sorority. As well as those in college, it’s never too late! Long story short, 4 of the 5 of us joined Sigma Kappa (DOVE LOVE). From the moment we opened our bid cards and ran to our Sorority, Lexi and I became instant best friends. That exact same day Ashley and Cassidi immediately became best friends as well! Lex and I went on to living in the sorority house together (also highly recommend!!) and that same year Ashley and Cassidi got an apartment together. This is where Cason, who we wish was in our Sorority comes in and became best friends with Ash and Cass. Confusing right? We were always close with Cason during our freshman year but it was when Ash, Cass, and Case moved into the same apartment complex that we became even closer. Well, the next year we all moved in together and did absolutely everything together! Not like we didn’t before.. but this time we were finally able to not have a million bags of makeup and clothes to bring back and forth when getting ready for our shenanigans! We had the greatest time our Junior year, obviously, so we again decided to live together in the most amazing apartments that were beyond luxurious!

2016 Throwback!

2016 Throwback!

So, back to Nashville! We had the best time. I flew in on the Thursday and the other girls drove in. Case had it the best, she lives there so we were able to stay at her amazing apartment which was filled with the cutest dogs, oh and a ferret?! Have y’all ever heard people say how dogs look like their owner? OMG Cason’s dog is literally the dog form of Cason. It’s amazing! We had the typical Nashville weekend, but of course did it better. We went down to Broadway and went to our absolute favorite bars every night– FGL House followed by Whiskey Row. We wouldn’t catch our UBER home until we had the delicious street hot dogs. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as expected (it rained 2 of the 4 days) but if you know us, you know that didn’t stop us one bit from wearing skirts and dresses! On the first full day in, we did what we all love to do, SHOP! I spent a little more than I would have liked, but you know what they say, when in Nashville (oh wait, that’s not the saying?) Lexi works at the most amazing store, Dress Up. Click the link, the clothes are so darn cute. I couldn’t help myself in there and left with a giant bag of clothes! Later that night, we went back to our bars and danced the night away. The next day, was CINCO DE MAYO! We got all dressed up with beads and colorful outfits and started a bit earlier that day. We went straight to a bar- Tin Roof and unfortunately for me, the Predators game was on. Now don’t forget, I am from Chicago, so I am a Blackhawks fan all the way! (Sadly for me, we didn't have a great season) As for the rest of the night, I think you can figure out where we went.. FGL House and of course we had the best time per usual. The next day was not Sunday Funday for me as it was time for me to catch my flight home and get back to reality. Fortunately I had my pup, Jozie Belle to greet me with lots of puppy love!

If you love any of the outfits worn, click on the description below the pictures and it will take you straight to where they're from - if they aren't available, I'll give ya the next best option!

Beige Knit Tube Top

Textured Yellow Wrap Skirt

White Lace Crop Top

Black Leather Skirt

Double Buckle Belt

Red Wrap Dress

To say the least, I’m ready for the next girls weekend!

Much Love, xx

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