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Excercise? I thought you said ACCESSORIZE!

Excercise? I thought you said ACCESSORIZE!

August already?! Can you believe this? Growing up, summer's were long and time went so slow, this is definitely not a complaint. I miss those days. Now that I am working as a full time employee, I find that the days fly by! I have had such an amazing summer filled with pool/beach days, French Markets, numerous fun trips, and lots of dressing up! I have had so much fun this summer with some of the new trends, but I had the most fun with adding accessories into my style!

This is something that is fairly new to my wardrobe and I am so glad that I have finally joined. Better late than never, right?! Well if you know me, you know that my favorite colors to wear are black & white. This is most likely because my mom, who has always been my role model, is 99.9% of the time wearing black & white, with the occasional .01% navy blue thrown in there. But also, it is just so darn easy! With these colors making up the majority of my closet, accessorizing has made it so easy to add pops of color into my daily style! 

TJ Maxx and Shein have been the absolute best places for getting my over the top/adorable earrings. Tassels are my all time favorite and I can thank my Fab Fit Fun box for introducing me to them! (this is not an ad I promise, but FFF box is so amazing!) I have bought all different shades of pink, red, white, black, B&W.... (Told ya I love them!!) Another type of earring that I have been obssessed with for quite some time now are 'ear crawlers.' I love these so much, because they are very simple but still make that statement if your outfit is the main statement.

As it is August already, before we know it we will be swapping out those kini's and dreses for sweaters and boots - I will also be updating my accessories to coordinate nicely and to continue to add a little fun into my daily style. Check out some of the pieces I am loving for the upcoming season! 

Happy accessorizing!

Much love, xx

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