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My Fringe Obsession

My Fringe Obsession

HELLO everyone! I don’t know about y’all but I feel the most confident when I'm wearing jeans. Whether I'm grabbing a few drinks with the girls or going out shopping for the day you can never go wrong with jeans. Jeans with holes are great and I couldn’t even count how many pairs of them I own... but my fray hemmed jeans are my absolute favorite and my go-to. They're just so fun and different!

I have been a BIG fan of them for a few years now, and I am so excited that the trend has finally caught on! The long layers of fringe on the bottom of the jeans is the perfect touch to dress up your outfit or to give that one piece of style while throwing on a plain white tee and some simple wedges. I have been so use to wearing fringe pants, that I actually can’t stand a hemmed pant on me anymore! If my pants aren’t frayed at the bottom, I either cut the hem off my jeans or I buy them long enough so I am able to roll the ends of the pants about 2x.

Once y’all join the trend,w it gets addicting! I have shorts with long layers of fray, as well as dresses and even denim jackets! I pray this trend never goes out of style, but even if it does, you will forever see me reppin' the fringe!

If you love the style as much as me, click on the pictures and they will take you straight to a few of my favorites!


Much Love, xx

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