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The Perfect Balance

The Perfect Balance

Finding that perfect balance of wanting to dress up but not wanting to be over dressed can be a struggle, especially when everything you are trying on doesn't work it becomes so stressful! Everyone is always telling me to just throw on a pair of shorts, a tee, and gym shoes.. but for me, ( unless I am going to Target ) I simply cannot do it!

This past weekend my family, my boyfriend, and I did a long Memorial Day weekend trip to New Orleans and I found just the perfect balance of dressing up but not too much! I hit up my favorite store ~ZARA~ and found skorts and graphic tees. I paired them with a pair of $35.00 platform sandals from Amazon and I called it a day! I am overly obsessed with skorts, I love skirts so much and I wear them all the time to work but when I am walking around on tours and with the constant up and down and on the go, a skort is the way to go. I find them much more comfortable than skirts and the versatility is great. Not only will I wear them in the day but will switch out the top and shoes and the wear them on a night out!

Okay, let me talk about these $35 shoes some more! They are.. AH-MAZING. I wore them every single day and they were SO comfortable. They have a velcro strap around the heel and don't worry if you think they will unstap, because they won't! I wore these shoes out at night and through the entire night of dancing they didn't budge! If any of you know what the streets of French Quarter are like, you know its pretty crazy down there. Well these shoes handled it all! After I fell in love with the platform sandals, I went straight to buy more online and they just came in. They're Steve Madden and a really pretty blush pink. But honestly, I love the cheaper Amazon ones more than the Steve Madden I bought. Don't get me wrong though, The Steve Madden's are still beyond ADORABLE.

Much Love, xx

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