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The 90's called, they want their pants back. Well too darn bad because I am not given' them up. Growing up my mom always told me to never get rid of clothes as they always seem to one day come back in fashion.

If you haven't figured out what I am talkin' about yet, it's bell bottoms. Yes, that's right. I am rocking the bell bottoms on a weekly basis to work and say what you want, but I LOVE them. They are my perfect work pant as I dress them up with a cute/fun little blouse and a pair of heels. I truly love these pants as like everything else in my closet, they are super versatile and so comfortable. When I think about all the items in my closet, I am realizing that almost everything is comfortable which is just the best. I hate when I know I am going to be sitting at my desk for 8 hours or out for an entire day and my outfit isn't comfortable. I literally cannot sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes, so am constantly moving and fidgeting, and if I can't sit on my feet or sit crossed legged in my chair the pants are an absolute no-go!

So, like previously mentioned, these pants are extremely versatile! They are even perfect for dinner or going out to the bars. I find that I quite frequently pair my pants with a jean jacket to dress them down a bit for work and then once the day is over, I take it off and wear a simple crop or knotted shirt. Well actually, I am always freezing at work which is why I wear the jean jacket... but nonetheless it's quite the perfect combo!


Much love,

The Blonde Effect