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Bringing Fashion to the Slopes

Bringing Fashion to the Slopes

Hello hello everyone and Happy New Year!! I am so excited to see what is in store for this upcoming year after my boyfriend, Miles and I made our big move to Salt Lake City right before the year ended. Being up in some of the most incredibly beautiful mountains, we obviously had to try out these slopes - which were partly terrifying as at one point we were literally in the clouds!!

But that brings me to my point - after receiving many questions about where I bought my ski apparel/gear, I thought I would write up a little post for y’all sharing the details of everything.

The moment that I saw Topshop was selling ski apparel, I simply could not pass it up! The colors were perfect and I loved how the pants were fitted. There are so many different options offered that making that it’s always a difficult final decision! One last thing that I absolutely love about the SNO line at Topshop is that there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a simple look or your total extra and over the top look!

The below images will take you directly to where you can buy each item! My next purchase is most definitely going to be a one piece ski suit - I have my eye on the red one currently!

Ski Jackets -

Tops/Sweatshirts -

Ski Pants -

Ski Suits -

For those of you that know me, you know that I obviously had to match my ski goggles to my outfit... I have never purchased ski goggles before, so I knew that I wanted to invest in a quality goggle as I knew that skiing down the Rocky Mountains was no joke. When I found the Smith Goggles, again.. I just couldn’t pass them up! They worked so perfectly and I highly highly recommend this brand to everyone. Not to mention, these stylish ski goggles start at the amazing price of $35.00!!

Thanks so much for reading and have an awesome 2019!

Much love, xx

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