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Ready for the Sun - Swim Suit Edition

Ready for the Sun - Swim Suit Edition

Strapless, halter, triangle, bandeu, one piece, high wasted, full coverage, and soo many others. That's right, we're talking bathing suits. I don't know about you, but I want them all in just about every color and type there is! I have a few really nice TRIANGL suits that I absolutely love. The only problem is, I can't go off and buy 3 or 4 at a time without breakin' the bank! (we're talking a minimum of $75 for a full bikini). That's why I truly love CUPSHE.

If you haven't heard of CUPSHE yet, you'll certainly remember them by the end of this post!! CUPSHE is totally affordable and has basically every style and color/print out there. The best part is... now I can buy 3+ bathing suits at a given time without feeling that shopping guilt. What is also so great about this site is that if you are buying a 2 piece, the price you see is for both the top and the bottom. When I see that I can get them both for $25 total... well that's a done deal in my book!

On to the important stuff. How long do I need to wait before they arrive!? If you are planning a vacay in the next week, you don't need to worry, they can be delivered in 3 days. Unfortunately, you will have to pay a little bit extra, but even so, your swim suits will most likely cost less than if you bought them from Nordstroms, TRIANGL, or even Everything but Water. If you are in no rush at all, shipping is free but will take about 2 weeks to arrive. 

Here are just a few of my favorites that CUPSHE currently has to offer - 

Okay, so maybe there are more than just a few that are my favorites. The variety is simply too good. If you click on any of the images it will take you directly to the site where you can get your own for this summer! If I could, I would buy them all in a heart beat but to keep things simple, I am eyeing the red scalloped bikini (bottom left), it would be so perfect for the 4th of July!! 

Please know that this is not a sponsored ad, I just truly love a good bargain! 

Much love,

The Blonde Effect,